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  1. Who did you have the biggest crush on in HF?
    All the Girls!/5
    In Alphabetical order?/1
    Bobby Sherman/4
    Steve H, Mike Debo, Joe Macchio/2
    Lori T, Pattie M, Mary Anne C, Donna V/3
    Lori Testa/6
    James Piero/7
    Michael Rossi/8
    Diane Frisha/9
    Larry Vitelli/10

  2. Who is better looking, Mr. Lucente or Mr. Keeler?
    Mr. Lu. Hey He's Italian!/5
    The shorter guy!/1
    Mr. Lu, no doubt... Mr. K was ssssoooo big!/4
    Mr. Lucente/2
    The one who gave me the best marks/3
    Mr. Lucente/6
    Don't remember/7
    Mr. Lucente, of course/8
    no comment/9
    In the shorter or taller category?/10

  3. Who did you Kiss in HF?
    Lori T./5
    Wherever the bottle pointed!/1
    Never kissed in HF/4
    Too many to list/2
    Not who I wanted to/3
    Lori Testa/6
    no one, I was innocent/7
    Nicole, don't ask/8
    nada (sob)/9
    Robert Castro/10


  4. Did you ever French kiss in HF?
    Lori wouldn't let me!/5
    Not on the first spin!/1
    Never kissed in HF, it is a church!/4
    No /2
    Wish I could remember/3
    I think!/6

    No, saved that for the neighborhood boys/7
    only my pillow/8
    see #3  /9

  5. Who do you want to marry?
    Lori, Mary Anne, Patti ,Susan, anyone willing/5
    David Cassidy!/1
    Bobby Sherman or David Cassidy/4
    The sexy rich guy!/2
    I think we know that answer!/3
    Lori Testa/6
    The guy I was later to meet in H.S./7
    an Italian teacher named Vincent/8
    marry? never/9


  6. Are you a Virgin?  (HA! HA!! HA!!)
    Am I girls?/5
    Well my name is Mary/1
    Now or then?/4
    Of course!/2
    I don't recall/3
    Ha! HA!/6
    Then? yes/7
    wait let me check/8
    Then (yes) Now (depends on the category)/10

  7. Who did you lose your virginity to?
    Not in those days!/5
    Not applicable/1
    I can't put that in print!/4
    I don't kiss and tell/2
    Now THAT I do recall!/3
    No One in HF!/7
    I can't remember his name/8
    don't actually remember her name/9
    Wouldn't you like yo know?/10


  8. Who would you have sex with?
    I might get smacked if I say!/5
    Good Question?????/1
    My husband of course/4
    Well if you are talking about 18 yrs ago!/2
    Is this a trick question?/3
    Jim Morrison/7
    I refuse to answer that question/8


  9. Who is the ugliest boy?
    The one who Mary Anne dumped me for/5
    First row, last seat/1
    No such thing as an ugly boy/4
    Was there really an ugly boy?/2
    I don't recall/3
    Remember the guy with the light bulb shaped head?/7
    all people are beautiful/8
    no comment/9


  10. Who is the ugliest girl?
    The one who said no!/5
    Last row, first seat/1
    Can't say, I might get slapped/4
    No one I can remember/2
    Are there ugly girls?/3
    Don't remember/7
    that b***h from 95th St & L/8
    there are no ugly girls/9


  11. Who is the prettiest girl?
    The one who said yes!/5
    The one who kissed the easiest/4
    Donna Dibono/2
    The one who got away!/3
    Lori Testa/6
    Gee, what was her name?/7
    other than me?/8
    Stephanie LaPravadenza/9


  12. Who is the cutest boy?
    Not my style/5
    Steve of course!/1
    Bobby Sherman or David Cassidy/4
    No doubt, Steve Harrison!/2
    I did not go to school that day/3
    Freddie Castro for sure!/7
    boys aren't cute/9

  13. What is your favorite song?
    Have you seen her?/5
    Let It Be/1
    Ain't no mountain High enough/4
    Ain't no mountain high enough/2
    Unchained Melody/3
    Jesus Loves You/6
    Mmmmmmm child (things are gonna get easier)/7
    Spirit in the Sky/8
    louie louie/9


  14. What is your favorite hobby?
    Back then boys, now shopping/2
    boats, wood and metal shop, shooting/3
    Then, buying 45's at L.H. Martins/7
    Boxing, really/8
    beach, diving/9


  15. What is your favorite color?
    Red (Very Hot!)/1


  16. Where would you like to live?
    Close to some of these numbers!/5
    Next door to the cutest boy/1
    On the beach/4
    On a tropical Island/2
    The island sounds real good/3
    In a house with Lori Testa/6
    right where I am now/7
    Jim Thorpe, PA/8
    Cape Cod/9


  17. What is your favorite food?
    I will try anything once/3
    Ring Dings!/7
    anything Italian/8
    Brooklyn Pizza/9


  18. Who is your favorite celebrity?
    Barbara Eden, I DREAMED of Jeannie!/5
    Robert Redford/1
    David Cassidy/4
    Don Johnson/2
    James Stewart, Sharon Lawrence/3
    Donovan-He was sooooo groovy/7
    Woody Allen/8
    Nicole Kidman/9


  19. What is your favorite movie?
    2001: A Space Odyssey/5
    Love Story/1
    That King Arthur with Richard Gere and Sean Connery/4
    Saturday Night Fever/2
    It's a Wonderful Life & Rear Window/3
    Then? don't remember, now Moonstruck/7
    anything on IFC or Sundance/8
    petrified Forest/9

  20. What is your favorite TV show?
    The Partridge Family/1
    The Partridge Family and The Brady Bunch/4
    Ally Mcbeal/2
    All in the Family/3
    Then ,Star Trek/7
    that 70's show/9


  21. What is your favorite book?
    I'll wait for the movie to come out!/5
    Mad Magazine/1
    Women's Sexual Fantasies by Nancy Friday/4
    The Stand/2
    The Hobbit/3
    Can't choose/7
    Anything by S. King/8
    Bible :-)/9


  22. Did you ever smoke a cigarette?
    Whenever my parents left the pack out!/5
    I quit in the 2nd grade/1
    too many/4
    One drag and I quit forever/3
    Yes, I inhaled and swallowed. How stupid was that?/7
    never stopped/9


  23. Did you ever drink a beer?
    I prefer Champagne/1
    too many/4
    Not at school/3
    since I'm 15/8


  24. Did you ever smoke pot?
    Heck no!/5
    Absolutely not!/1
    too much/4
    I never inhaled!/3
    What are you my mother?/7
    wut /8

  25. Have you ever been whacked by a nun?
    More times then I can remember!! Remember Sister Andrew?/5
    Sister Francis, I think....or did I just want her to/8
    Collette, andrew and miss Galletta was kind of a nun!/9