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H.F. Class 1970 1st. Reunion

October 9,2005

Staten Island, N.Y.



Everyone had a GREAT TIME !

The classmates came from different locations, as far as Georgia,

You could feel the positive energy that everyone was so glad to see each other, it was fantastic.

The feeling you were left with was like,  "we left off where we started, like time hadn't passed".

There's no place like home, if you came from Canarsie, a  family community.

I laugh at the comments that I had received from people when they heard, it was a elementary school reunion, of 35 yrs.

They just don't know how much we all enjoyed our school yrs together, and it was obvious at the party.

From our graduating class of 145 students, we had 101accounted for, as to confirmed  information.

NOT BAD AFTER 35YRS, and within a 2 month search!

Unfortunately, due to other obligations, employment, or living out of State/ Country,  27 classmates could not attend.

We had 52 attend with their spouses/ friends for a total of 75 people, with  a few last minute drop ins.

Love, Joanne Rondone

Check back soon for photos of the event!!