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We had such a great time! Let's do it again soon!

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MrLu.JPG (92172 bytes)

Hey Mr. Lu!!  We will always love you! 

pattiesuslu.JPG (88234 bytes)

Teacher's Pets!
Looking for Mr. Lu?  Look where the beautiful girls are! 

table.jpg (98565 bytes) John S., John A., Donna, Lori and Steve H. Still looking good!
fellas.jpg (97701 bytes) Diesel Mr. Lu!  We give up! We just can't compete!
girls.jpg (102744 bytes)

So many girls, so little time!
 Mary Anne,  you always had great potential!

gang.jpg (106743 bytes) Friends Forever!
gang2.jpg (99615 bytes) Hey Mr. Lu! Will you control this unruly bunch?
judiefrank.jpg (94867 bytes) Hey Judie,do we ever age?
susanfrank.JPG (98846 bytes) Susan and Frank , Let's go to Gazebo!
susanpattie.jpg (75693 bytes) Not Fair!! Pattie and Susan have found the fountain of youth! Hey Pattie? Have we grown up yet?
stevejudielori.JPG (86416 bytes) Why wasn't I this lucky in 7th grade?
stevand lori.JPG (92357 bytes) Hey wait a minute!!! Is that Lori and Steve? Guess Steve is still lucky!